Cotton Elephant Mandala Printed cushion cover

Cotton Cushion cover, handmade Mandala screen printing with an elephant, shows Indian tradiotional style.

Mandala is a traditionlly fixed pattern made in a circle system. It also known as a spritual art. This pillow cover comes in multi cover with Red one which looks attractive.

This painting done on the pillow is by craftsmen who done this on a regular basis with perfections. It is called screen printing which is famous from years in India as a traditonal work. Since the fabric used is 100 % cotton the pillow is more comfortable and long lasting as comparision. 

Elephant relates with Royal and Powerful world as well as beautiful, creates the cushion more adorable. There is a zipper enclosed on the back side cover by the same color fabric.

Note : Please note that these are covers only and the fillers are not included.

Product description 

100% cotton fabric

Mandala Art pattern 

size 18"X18"

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Mandala Multi color, Indian tradition screen printed pillow cover TS-CC-569
  • Handmade
  • Mandala pattern
  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional and Royal 
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