Mandala Square Floor Cushion Cover

Bring color into your home for spring with this Box shape floor pillow .Imagine moving dinner parties to the floor, lounging in a reading book, or creating a magical, comfortable playroom or just everybody who enjoy sitting or lying on the floor this really easy , decorative and comfortable cushions are a great idea.Perfect for reading, meditating, or just relaxing on! With our giant Floor Pillow, made using your favourite mandala fabric! those dreams are now realities! Soft, comfy, and oh-so-pretty square floor pillows that are great on their own.

They are addictive in that each one is a work of art and adds to your collection. Just another dimension of Incredible India!
These Beautiful Pillows are sold with or without the filler. 

Great as mediation pillow, kids play room, or as an accent pillow on your bed. Mix and match with other colors!

The Printing on this fabric is an example of fine workmanship of Indian artisans, the fabric used is 100% cotton and printing is screen printing. 

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-CC-543

-Mandala Box Cushion

- Size ( L=35",B=35",H=6" Inches ) 

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Mandala Square Cushion cover,Baby Bed Cover, Cotton Square box Meditation pillow Case , TS-CC-543
  • Mandala Square Floor Cushion Cover
  • L=35", B=35", H=6" Inches
  • 100% cotton
  • uses for Meditation Pillow Case,Baby bed Cover, Decorative floor Cushion etc. 
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