Brick Pattern Patchwork Royal Bedspread

Patchwork is an art of bringing different colors and patterns together to create a new product which is a piece of Art carrying energies & Beauty of different patches to form a Single Quilt. This is an Handmade Kantha Bedding in which Patches of different shades of Pink Color theme is very Carefully selected, they are then patched together in group of three different shades and there are two groups of different shades of Pink.overall giving Double Patchwork effect.

This Bedspread is made after several days of Handwork done by Women of Rural India, Different hand arts involved are as follows :

Kantha is one of the oldest form of art performed by women from rural India, the beautiful combination of thousands of stitches together done over many days on a Block Print Patchwork fabric makes this piece absolutely exclusive.

Patch Work : This is majorly done by women in rural India, patches of different patterns are cut and pasted together to form a single fabric involving many patches from different block printed cloth.

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-MK-270

- Pink Color Theme Patchwork Dupion Silk Bedspread

- Kantha Work on Both sides.

- Queen Size

- Size : 275 x 225 Cms. (Approx)

108" X 90" Inches (Approx)

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Royal Silk Patchwork Kantha Quilt, TS-MK-270
  • Patch Work

  • Kantha Work

  • Pink Color Theme

  • Royal Silk

  • Beautiful & Classy&l
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