Indian Lotus Lord Buddha Mandala Tapestry

Buddhism symbols signify the Buddhist culture and religion. Most of the Buddhist symbols related to Hinduism also. These symbols of Buddhism impart subtle messages in life. They teach you how to live selflessly and have a contended life. In the following lines, we have provided information about the major Buddhist symbols.

A Multi Color Indian Lord Buddha Tapestry is tightly loomed fabric wall décor.

This Tie Dye tapestry is screen printed with Attractive Color and pattern,the fabric of this tapestry gives a  classiy effect and feel to the fabric. This is a beautiful piece of art at the most reasonable prices and can be used as:

Wall Hanging
Room Décor

Wall art

 It is a beautiful piece of art and you can use different pattern and colors of these tapestries to give different effect to your room / wall as per the season.

The fabric used is 100% cotton and printing is screen printing. These tapestries are thin sheet of fabric which  making it a durable fabric.

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-TP-473

- Decorative Good Luck Buddha MandalaTapestry.

- Size : 140 x 220Cms. (Approx)

55" x 85" Inches (Approx)

Psychedelic Lord Buddha Lotus Wall Hanging Mandala Tapestry TS-TP-473
  • Indian Lotus Lord Buddha Mandala Tapestry
  • Ethnic Cotton Fabric 
  • Twin Size ( 140 x 220 Cms )
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