Natural 100% Running Floral Bakit Block Print Fabric For Dress Making

This lovely fabric is light enough as dressmaking fabric and sturdy enough for upholstery! Convert this designer fabric into anything your heart desires!!. This is a soft and smooth Indian cotton block print fabric.

Hand Block Printing:- Hand block printing is a very old and traditional style practiced by the artisans of India in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It includes intense precision and training that is passed from one generation to another. Many wooden block of different designs and patterns are made, these blocks are then dipped in vegetable dye colors and are printed like stamps on the cloth. Different blocks for different colors are used.

The outcome is a beautiful product made by artisans of India.Beautifully decorated in brightly colored prints, these soft cotton yarns are perfect for fashioning a stylish garment. feel the essence of earth in you. Inspires to live sweet, simple and happy beautiful life. 

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-FB-185

- A Beautiful Block Printed Floral Batik Fabric.

- 44" Inches Width

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Indian Batik Floral Cotton Fabric By The Yard Natural Sanganeri Running Fabric For Fashion Upholestry Handmade Material for Home Decor Art TS-FB-185
  • 100% Cotton Fabric
  • Sanganeri Floral Batik Material 
  • 44" Width Fabric For Dress Making, Crafting etc.
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