Vintage Kantha, Handmade Patchwork Sari Quilt

Beautiful Handmade Patchwork Quilt with Hand Kantha Work

About This Product : A Very Beautiful Product, Fusion of 2 Hand Art Work : Kantha Work Sari Patchwork. The outcome is a product which is prepared after several days of intensive artistic handwork by 2 different artisans, each one is expert in their own field and the product is passed from one artisan to other for handwork. Until this final product is ready.

Hand Art Involved :

Patch Work : This is majorly done by women in rural India, patches of different patterns of Saris are cut and pasted together to form a single fabric involving many patches from different Sari printed cloth.

Kantha is one of the oldest form of art performed by women from rural India, the beautiful combination of thousands of stitches together done over many days on a Vintage fabric makes this piece absolutely exclusive. Infused with the history of their rich heritage, these wonderfully artistic and brightly coloured throws are made by stitching together layers of old saris together.

Vintage kanthas are a handmade product, the pattern and stitching can be irregular and tiny patches are often added to the quilts

: Since this Product is Vintage & made from Old Fabric so it might have have some Marks, Patches, Torns & Loose Stitches. These are not Considered as Flaws and Depict the History & Journey that this product has been through. Infact this is what makes this Product Stand out Being Antique & Vintage. 

Right blend of all that you are looking for - comfort, beauty, durability and affordability.

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-VK-428

- A Vibrant Traditional Vintage Kantha Quilt.

- Handstitched Kantha Work.

- Size : 210 X 135 Cms. (Approx)


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Vintage Kantha Throw, Indian Sari Quit, Patchwork Blanket TS-MK-428
  • Vintage Fabric

  • Handmade / Kantha Work

  • Patchwork

  • Multicolor

  • Beautiful & Antique&l
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