Vinatge Kantha Cushion Covers

Set of 5 Vintage Kantha Work Cushion Covers. handmade by artisans of rural india.
A piece of art , bohemian from India

Since these cushion covers are made from vintage fabric each one of them in unique in its own way and no two cushion covers can be same hence 5 different cushion covers with beautiful patterns and kantha work are sent.

Falling in love with this piece of art is easy. It is Stiched by thousands of "Tiny Stiches" all over the fabric by local artisians of the Thar desert region in India. Hand stitched in the Kantha style to create a stunning texture and appearance. Add beauty and art to your decor!

They are addictive in that each one is a work of art , unique and adds to your collection. Just another dimension of Incredible India!

Note : Please note that these are covers only and the fillers are not included.

Product Description :

- Comes in Assorted Prints & Patterns

- Product Code : TS-VC-101

- Unique Indian Vintage Kantha Cushion Cover.

- Size : 40 X 40 Cms

16" X 16" Inches

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Handmade Vintage Kantha Cushion Covers, TS-VC-101
  • Handmade

  • Kantha work

  • Comes in Assorted Prints & Patterns

  • Multicolor

  • Beautiful & Classy
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