Handmade Shibori Tie Dye Indigo Reversible Kantha Quilt Bohemian

A very "Artistic" product completely Unique & one-off, Beautiful Applique work Bedspread with the Handone intricate "Kantha" stitch all over the Shibori Work with an added Beauty Of Indigo Flawlessly, shaping up a perfect trinity. This Attractive and Traditional bed spread is ideal to add perfect oomph in to your Home Decor through versatile uses such as Draping across the sofa over the arm of your couch or as Table Cloth to protect the cockery from getting wobble or as Picnic Blanket for alfresco gathering or as pillow covers or what not .
Each Bedspread is prepared after 15 days of this artistic work.

About Kantha Work : Kantha is one of the oldest form of art performed by women from rural India, the beautiful combination of thousands of stitches together done over many days on this pure Cotton Bedspread makes this piece absolutely exclusive. It is Stiched by thousands of "Tiny Stiches" all over the fabric by local artisians of the Thar desert region in India. Hand stitched in the Kantha style to create a stunning texture and appearance. One-of-a-kind designs emerge from afternoons shared between village women while adding lines of “running stitch” to these masterpieces.

This Unique Trinity of Kantha, Indigo and Shibori Bed spread will definitely capture the heart. Give a elegant look to your room through this Traditional Beautiful design Handmade Queen size Bed Spread with an added comfort of pure cotton. As the process of describing its beauty is going on, one more to add is that, it sports patterns on both sides of the fabric and who does'nt like to have a Two for One Deal. 

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-MK-463

- A Unique & Traditional Kantha Stiched Shibori work Indigo Bedspread.

- Queen Size Bedspread with 100% Cotton Fabric.

- Size : 225 X 275 Cms. (Approx)

90" X 108" Inches (Approx)

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Handmade Shibori Tie Dye Indigo Reversible Kantha Quilt/ Bedspread Bohemian 100 % Cotton Queen SizeTS-MK-463


  • Vintage Kantha Quilt
  • Indigo Bedspread
  • Bohemian
  • Reversible
  • 100% Cotton
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