Mandala Round Floor Pillow

Mandala Tapestry Round Floor Pillow Indian Pouf Boho Cushions With Insert Throw.

Mandala Floor Cushions are the perfect home decor piece to create a bright, unique (and extra comfy) space. 

Poufs are great to use as floor pillows around the house, also to use as watch TV or as an extra seat.

Great as a Picnic, gift, holidays.

This Beautiful Mandala Tapestry Floor Pillow cover is made by Best Quality Cotton Fabric 
and is super soft to the touch..  You can place them in bed room, Living room or even use them for decoration in your house.  
You can sit on it, relax your feet upon it or use it as a decorative piece by adding a blast of color to your living space.

These pillows can be mixed with contemporary,Modern or traditional decor, A Charming pillow Cover with Insert Or Without Insert With Pom Pom Lace.

They are attractive as each one is a art and adds to your collection. Just another dimension of Incredible India!

Note : Please note that these Floor Cushion Covers Are With Insert Or Without Insert.

: Actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-CC-440

-  Cushion Cover With Insert Or Without Insert

- Size : 80 Cms(Approx)

  -Size :32 Inches(Approx)

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Mandala Round Floor Pillow, Ottoman, Pouf, TS-CC-440
  •  Mandala Pillows
  • 32" Inches
  • 100% Cotton
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