Hand Loomed Rag Rug, Purple Color Theme, Chindi Durrie

Handmade Carpet, Old & Vintage Saaris are hand Loomed to form this rag rug carpet.

Only authentic handmade old sari rugs with fair trade to artisans, We dont sell similar looking cheap polyester rugs.

It is reversible and can be used from both sides, The colors are very selected to form a beautiful theme based carpet by artisans of India.These rugs comes in several shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. Chindi Rugs are made up with the finest quality & weave. Easy to clean and wash these rugs are designed with perfection and woven with attention.

"Chindi" means "left over" in Hindi, where the technique and look originated, and is also called rag work. Each piece is unique and made by hand on a loom, using threads of knitted or woven cotton

Product Description :

- Product Code : TS-CR-007

- A Vibrant Purple Color Chindi Reversible Rag Rug.

- Multi Coloured Stripes on Purple Base.

- Size : 170 x 105 Cms. (Approx)

67" X 42" Inches (Approx)

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Purple Color theme Hand loomed Rag Rug, Yoga Mat, TS-CR-007
  • Handmade

  • Made from Vintage Saris

  • Custom Sizes

  • Purple Color Theme

  • Beautiful & Classy
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