Indio Tie Dye Shibori Itajime Pattern Duvet Cover Set With Pillow Cover

$15 – $25

  • Product Type : Tie Dye Duvet Cover.
  • Dimensions : 90” X 108” Inches (230 X 270 Cm)
  • Material : 100 % Cotton
  • Technique : Hand Tie Dye.
  • Usage : Quilt Cover, Doona Cover, Comforter Cover etc.
  • Customization :  Yes

Our Indio Tie Dye Shibori Itajime Pattern Duvet Cover Set With Pillow Cover is limitless. Bold, fun and effortlessly cool, Hand dyed on 100% cotton this set includes a graphic, Shibori Dyed Doona Cover and Indigo blue pillow cases that feel like the night sky. We made these from natural dyes because Natural dyes are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-allergenic so this Soft Cotton Natural Dyed Duvet Cover is totally safe for you skin. This Indio Tie Dye Shibori Itajime Pattern Duvet Cover Set With Pillow Cover is so soft and smooth. It’s a block printed by natural color and not harmful to body. Indigo is trending in home décor, This crisp white and navy printed Duvet Cover Set easily matches any color scheme and will certainly keep your room serene.


Itajime Shibori is a shaped-resist technique. Traditionally, the cloth is sandwiched between two pieces of wood, which are held in place with string. The fabric is typically folded more than once, creating a repeating pattern of resists throughout the fabric when unfolded

Hand Tie Dye Indian Bandhani, a traditional form of Tie and Dye, began about 5000 years ago. Also known as Bandhani and Bandhej, it is the oldest tie and dye tradition that is still practiced. The Art of Bandhani (Tie & Dye) is highly skilled process. The technique involves dyeing a fabric which is tied tightly with a thread at several points, thus producing a variety of patterns.

Shibori is a technique of folding and binding natural fabric and then immersing the fabric in indigo dye. After it is dyed in Indigo, all the stitches are removed and the pattern is revealed. It is a repeat pattern but contains random markings making it truly one-of-a-kind. The Shibori Collection celebrates the surprise and variation inherent in the dyeing process. Each Bedding Set is truly unique.

Usage : This is a beautiful piece of art at the most reasonable prices. This Tie Dye Shibori Duvet Cover can be used for Quilt Cover, Blanket Covet, Doona Cover, Comforter Cover, Bedding Set, Room Décor, and many more !!!

Note : Actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


Indigo, White

Hand Arts

Hand Dyed, Shibori Tie Dye


Queen (90 X 108 Inches)


Art, Bohemian, Decorative, Handmade, Hippie, Modern, Traditional, Tribal, Home Decor

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