Hand Block Print Fabric

Hand block printing is process of block printing begins with the wooden blocks. Wood carvers cut designs into blocks of different shapes and sizes. These blocks are then dipped in vegetable dye colors and are printed like stamps on the cloth. Different blocks for different colors are used. The outcome is a beautiful product made by artisans of India. These Exclusive Hand Block Print Fabric can be used as Clothing, Kids Cloths, Dress Making, Scarves, Drapes, Bag & Accessories, Home Furnishing, Comforter Cover, Home Decor Items, Table Cloths, Cushion Cover, Outdoor, Quilting and many more…..

In Hand Block Print Fabric printing we use hand craved teak wood block that is dipped in dye and stamp by hand onto cotton or silk. The design is traced onto the block by the master craftsman they chip away at the block to create a stamp. Firstly the fabric is pre-washed in the river to reduce the consumption of the water and after fabric is dyed, laid on the flat table and fixed firmly with pins. Four to five basic natural color are used and they color will mixed together to form a multitude of color. Then the block stamp is dipped in the color or dye and stamped on the fabric by hand. After that left the fabric to dry and when the fabric is dry rinsed in the river and hung to dry in the sun.

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