Kantha Quilts

Our Kantha Quilts can be used as Bedspreads, Blankets, Bedding Throw, Sofa Throws or for Decoration, these kantha quilts there may be some threads undone which are left unknotted to increase the beauty of these handmade unique treasures. Kantha is a hand art work which is done by the rural women. Kantha work is the oldest form of embroidery and mostly it is done in the South Asia and especially in the Indian state. In Village or we can say that in the rural area women, they mostly use the old sari or dhoti and stitched it together to make a light weight blanket, quilt or throw. They make these quilt or bed spread especially for the children. The Bedspread or the quilts they make are reversible or we can use it from the both sides. This art of needlework is used to reuse the old clothes and materials and turn them into something new or we can say that eye-catching or attractive.

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