A Traditional, Handcrafted Dupatta Will Enhance Your Beauty.

In India, the most famous dupatta is the Bandhani dupatta. A type of tie-dye textile called bandhani. Its beginnings can be found in India’s Indus valley culture. Today, the Khatri community’s highly talented artisans mostly practise the craft in Gujarat and Rajasthan.The Sanskrit word “Bandh,” which means “to tie,” is the source of the English word “bandhani.”

Style yourself in a traditional way

One of the most elaborately designed scarf varieties, the dupatta is made of delicate materials and luxurious accents. Simply because of its length, it is breathable for movement and easy to pin for various appearances. We always think that we want to look different from others at various occasions such as parties, weddings, anniversaries, and festivals, but in the market, various as usual same prints are available, but we bring you a completely different and traditional look from any other market, so when you wear it, you feel so different from others. 

Wear a dupatta in unique ways

Even though wearing a kurti is quite common, wearing one with a dupatta makes you stand out from the crowd. However, if the dupatta is handcrafted and work, you can experiment with a variety of handmade dupattas, such as:

  • Madhubani hand painted embroidery stole
  • Block print chanderi dupattas
  • Kantha embroidery block print dupatta
  • Handmade madhubani chanderi handcrafted dupatta

These are some of the most popular dupattas on our website, which you can try in your daily life and give your outfit a different look. Dupattas are an integral part of ethnic attire, and they add grace and glance to your outfits. Whether you are wearing ghagra choli, salwar kameez, or lehenga, a dupatta goes hand in hand with all of them. There are so many ways of dupatta styling that you can do with just one dupatta. And when you get the dupatta draping style right, you can create graceful looks.

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