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Different Ways To Decorate Any Room With Our Handmade Cushion Cover.

We know that in our home, cushion covers are very important. We always think about home decor, but we always confuse how to decorate or place a cushion in any room. We’re here to teach you how to decorate your room with our amazing handcrafted cushion cover.

Our new Sabra Kilim Cushion Cover is different from any other cushion cover; when you place it in your environment, you instantly feel an amazing or super energetic vibe. Because of its pattern, color, art, or design, this cushion can be use outside as well as indoors, allowing you to place it in a farm house, garden, or even travel with it in your car. 

Here are some tips on how to select and place a cushion cover.

  1. Don’t go Matchy Matchy 

When you get a new sofa, it may occasionally come with coordinating cushions that blend in with the colour of the sofa. Leave these behind. Give them to a neighbour or a friend, like a handmade sabra kilim cushion. Our Indian artisans made these cushions so they can coordinate with any furniture in your home. The effect it creates on your entire room will astound you.

  1. Simple and Plain

Our cushion art gives you a clear mind to consider how to choose the best colour or art that will coordinate with your furniture; most people make the biggest mistake of buying a lot of colour and shape that do not even look good in their room. I strongly advise you to purchase a handmade cushion because they have an appealing color, various sizes, and high-quality material, but the best part is that they are handcrafted, and when something is made by hand, it has some magic, such as happiness, joy, or elation.

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