Block Print Queen Size Stone Washed Bedspread


  • Product Type : Block Print Bedspread.
  • Dimensions : 230 X 275 Cms.
  • Material : 100 % Cotton
  • Technique : Hand Block Print.
  • Usage : Bedspread, Bedding Set, Bed Cover etc.
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Our Block Print Queen Size Stone Washed Bedspread will definitely capture the heart. Give a elegant look to your room through this traditional beautiful design handmade Large size bed spread.

Dabu is a type of  Block Printing which is practiced primarily in Rajasthan. The distinctiveness of Dabu print lies in its awe-inspiring eminence and look. In addition, the printing involves plenty of natural dyes and pastes that are created from vegetables which makes it environmentally responsive. The procedure of creating these printed fabrics comprises a lot of manual labor and absolute uphill struggle.The process is so prolonged and manual that the outcome is worth it.

Hand Block Printing : The process of block printing begins with the wooden blocks. Wood carvers cut designs into blocks of different shapes and sizes. These blocks are then dipped in vegetable dye colors and are printed like stamps on the cloth. Different blocks for different colors are used. The outcome is a beautiful product made by artisans of India.

Usage : This Hand block printed Bed Cover can be used as a Bedspread, Bed Cover,Decorative Throw, Bedding Throw. It adds color in any given room and spreads a very positive and joyous vibe. It’s an art piece, a collector’s item and provides a rich and vibrant feel.It’s made of 100% cotton and the colors used are also eco-friendly. The process isn’t hazardous to anyone who works in making this and thus it is very sustainable. It gives very authentic look and feel and portray its true handmade nature.

Note : Actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


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Hand Block Print


Queen (90 X 108 Inches)


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