Hand Block Print Kaftan Vintage Floral Pattern Free Size Dress

  • Product Type : Block Print Cotton Kaftan
  • Size : Free Size
  • Length : 39″ inches
  • Material : 100 % Cotton.
  • Technique : Hand Block Print
  • Usage : Tunic/Rob/Dress
  • Customization : Yes
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Kaftan is a type of clothing or Tunic which originated in Asia, and we are using this dress pattern like an Indian Dress in which we are making different types of patterns using hand block print. Our Hand Block Print Kaftan Vintage Floral Pattern Free Size Dress is Rajasthan’s traditional block printed designs. This Kaftan Length is 39″(inches) and free size. It has Adjustable Drawstring Waist. This Kaftan is made from Soft, Viol Cotton. These Hand Block Print Kaftan Vintage Floral Pattern Free Size Dress are authentic natural dyed fabric & hand pressed to create their unique design. We made these from natural dyes because Natural dyes are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-allergenic so this Soft Cotton Natural Dyed Kaftan is totally safe for you skin. This Kaftan is so soft and smooth. It’s a block printed by natural color and not harmful to body

Technique :

Hand Block print:  Hand Block Print is a very Old and Traditional style practiced by the artisans of India in Jaipur, Rajasthan. It Includes intense precision and training that is passed from one generation to another. many wooden block of different designs and patterns are made, theses blocks are then dipped in vegetables dye colors and are printed like stamps on the cloth. Different blocks for different colors are used. The outcome is a beautiful product made by artisans of India.

Usage : You can wear this kaftan as Tunic and Style your kaftan by wearing it as a beach cover-up. You can Pair your Kaftan Top with Jeans. The back of the Kaftan is of the same print as the front. The options are endless for these beautiful Kaftan Dresses. They are addictive in that each one is a work of art and adds to your collection. Just another dimension of Incredible India!

Note : Please note that actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


Turquoise, White

Hand Arts

Hand Block Print


Free Size


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