Uzbek Suzani Embroidered Bed Spread


  • Product Type : Suzani Bedspread.
  • Dimensions : 60” X 90” Inches (150 X 225 Cms.)
  • Material : 100 % Cotton
  • Technique : Suzani Embroidery.
  • Usage : Bedspread, Bedding Throw, Bed Cover etc.

Our Uzbek Suzani Embroidered Bed Spread is a kaleidoscope of color with fine embroidery. A perfect addition to any bedroom wanting an eclectic vintage vibe. This hand-embroidered beauty is truly a work of art and the dedication of time and skill shows in the mastery of the embroidery work. 

Technique :

Suzani Embroidery  True to the “needle” origin of the Persian word Suzani, these Cushions are embroidered with Traditional Floral Motifs in richly Colored Patterns that define this Historic Style. This stitch is especially effective for  covering sizeable areas. The appearance can vary in character: some of the stitching is smooth, fine, regular and flat; on other examples, the stitched areas assume an almost three-dimensional character and texture.

Usage : This Embroidery Suzani Bed Cover can be used as a Bedspread, Bed Cover,Decorative Throw, Bedding Throw. These vintage hand embroidered Suzani’s are a superb way to brighten any interior from Bedspreads to Wall Hangings. Sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, the flowing floral designs are always unique. 

Note : Actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


Twin (60 X 90 Inches)

Hand Arts

Hand Embroidered


Multicolored, Red, White


Authentic, Bohemian, Floral, Traditional