Rajasthan: Art, Culture, and Its Artisans

Textile And Embroidery 

Humans need clothing as a basic necessity. People started covering their bodies, first with leaves from trees, then with animal skins, and lastly with garments. Since then, designs and materials have been used to create a pleasing appearance. The textile industry and its development are supported by the unique class of weavers known as Chipas. While the more efficient process has also been implemented, the conventional manner of printing has been kept.

Because of their appealing design and simplicity, Rajasthani prints are very popular. The most significant locations with excellent textile printing are Jaipur, Sanganer, Bagroo, Jodhpur, and Udaipur. The prints are durable and contain vibrant colours and creative designs.

On our website, we bring different art from all over India and also represent the culture and hard work of our artisans.

Tie dye work

The tie-dye art of Rajasthan is well-known. Although this kind of work is currently being done in Jaipur, The lahariya and mothada designs used in Bikaner’s dyeing are well-known. There are many chhipas in Sanganer and Bagru. These prints are produced using the same technique. Only Sanganer has more vibrant hues, and their dyes last longer. In Rajasthan, the words “odhani,” “veil,” or “chuniri” literally translate to “fabric with dotted pattern.” 

What do we want?

We assist women and craftsmen in rural areas of Rajasthan in making handmade goods by giving them the tools they need and collaborating with them to produce lovely, vintage-style items. Our goal is to offer the greatest products to the world while also ensuring that our products are made to the highest standards possible to meet market requirements on a global scale.

What we want to offer our client

Our goal is to showcase our art and share our culture around the world. This is the only goal we have, and we make every effort to satisfy our customers, make them happy, and establish a relationship between the artist and the consumer.

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