Decorate Every Room With Traditional Dhurrie Rugs

Our homes have served as offices, schools, and safe havens simultaneously during the past year. It was our place to unwind, work, exercise, have meals with our families, and socialise with our closest friends. Given how much time we spend indoors, it makes sense that everyone has a home renovation project high on their priority list.The greatest approach to adorn your room is with a handmade dhurrie. The emblem of royalty is this. There are numerous methods you can employ to decorate your property. The living area and bedroom can be decorate with handmade Dhurries Rugs. Dhurrie Rugs can be use in the kitchen also in the hallway. Dhurries made by hand can be use based on size and style.

Why use bright colours and geometric patterns?

We can add warm, color, and texture to people’s home and that they will feel good about acquire and using an item that was made by hand by people earning fair wages, using material that are read available domestically, and is 100 percent organic

Cleaning of dhurrie rugs

Due to its thickness and flat weave, they do not trap as much dirt and dust. It is essential to regularly clean them because they lack a deep pile to conceal the dirt. The dhurrie rugs require careful washing because they are expertly and painstakingly produced. If clean careless due to the delicate blend of materials and dyes utilize, harm could result.To prevent dirt from build up, make sure the rug is gently swept each week on both sides using a hand broom or handheld brush. To get the most out of the brushing action, the rug needs to be on a flat surface. It’s also advise to vacuum your rug using a handheld vacuum at least once every week.

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