The History of Hidden Dhurries Rugs 

What is Dhurrie Rug?  

India historically covered their floors with dhurrie rugs. The idea behind a dhurrie, however, differs slightly from that of a typical rug because it was historically employed for other purposes besides flooring, such as sleeping or packaging.

The size, pattern, and material of a Dhurries Rugs can all affect how it is used. Others are big enough for social events, while some are little enough to serve as tablecloths. The needs of various tastes and circumstances are also met by colour schemes and patterning.

Origin and history 

A Dhurries Rugs is still typically seen in every Indian home. It was formerly used as a woven floor covering in India. The dhurrie is actually incredibly adaptable and may be used in a variety of different ways, including bedding and packaging, but its main function is as a floor mat. 

The flat-woven dhurrie began life as a basic carpet variant. A carpet is formed by knotting or tufting fibres into a warp; a dhurrie is not made in the same way. A dhurrie is completely reversible, incredibly light, foldable, and portable since it is made by weaving vertical and horizontal threads together with no backing or pile.

What value do traditional Indian dhurries for yoga have?

In ancient India people practised their yoga only on rugs. Cotton yoga practice carpets are just the custom in Mysore, the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga. In some ways, practising on a traditional surface is a means to honour the Ashtanga tradition in and of itself.

In sitting asana and restorative postures, no matter what kind of yoga you practise, you might discover that a cotton yoga rug is friendlier to your skin. You may always place a more cushioned yoga mat under your organic cotton dhurrie if you desire more cushioning. Your own lightweight cotton yoga rug is a perfect surface to roll out over a studio mat for a concentrated yoga practice whenever and wherever you choose. It is very simple to roll or fold.

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