Authentic Hand Tie Dye Sofa Throw Handloomed Shibori Couch Throw Blanket

  • Product Type: Shibori Throw Blanket
  • Dimension : 120 X 170 Cms.
  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Technique: Hand Loomed & Hand Tie Dye.
  • Usage: Can Be Used as Sofa Throw, Blanket, Couch Throw, Bed Throw, etc.

Our beautiful Authentic Hand Tie Dye Sofa Throw For Sofa Decor is one of a kind. Folded, Twisted, Pleated or Wrinkled, and Dyed in bright and bold colors make this art fascinating and stand apart. A vivid form of resist dyeing technique, tie-and-dye is one of the most historic crafts of India. With a beautiful splash of colors and patterns dappled on these handloom throws, you would not want to risk it washing the wrong way. Since it bleeds only for the first few washes, the hassle is not going to last long.

Technique :

Hand-loomed textiles have a quality of richness and depth missing from commercially produced textiles a Handloom requires human power, no electricity to manually weave a fabric, weaving warp and weft yarns together this is how it’s been done for as long as we know fabric to have existed, there’s is the reason it’s been around for thousands of years. the qualities are really unique and special for a fabric.

Shibori is a technique of folding and binding natural fabric and then immersing the fabric in indigo dye. After it is dyed in Color, all the stitches are removed and the pattern is revealed. It is a repeat pattern but contains random markings making it truly one-of-a-kind. The Authentic Hand Tie Dye Sofa Collection celebrates the surprise and variation inherent in the dyeing process.

Usage: This Authentic and Luxurious Throw Can Be Used As Shawl, Sofa Throw, Blanket, Stole, Couch Throw, Bed Throw, Housewarming Gift, Christmas Gift, New Year Gift And Many More…

Note: Actual Product may differ slightly in color then the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


Indigo, Multicolored

Hand Arts

Hand Dyed, Hand Loomed, Shibori Tie Dye


Standard (120 X 170 Cms)


Authentic, Decorative, Mudcloth, Traditional


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