Hand loomed Cotton Sofa Throw-Handcrafted Throws for a Distinctive Home

  • Product Type : Hand Loomed Throw
  • Dimension : 120 X 170 Cms.
  • Material : 100% Cotton
  • Technique : Hand Loomed/Hand Dyed
  • Usage : Can Be Used as Sofa Throw,Blanket,Couch Throw,Bed Throw etc.


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Step into the timeless embrace of tradition with our Hand-loomed Cotton Sofa Throw-Handcrafted Throws for a Distinctive Home, a testament to the artistry of rural Indian artisans. Crafted entirely by hand on traditional handlooms, this exquisite textile transcends the ordinary, capturing a richness and depth that elude mass-produced counterparts. This luxurious Hand-loomed Cotton Sofa Throw-Handcrafted Throw for a Distinctive Home adds an elegant touch to any setting. Its versatility extends beyond mere functionality, making it a stylish accessory for a range of uses and a perfect choice for meaningful gifts on special occasions.

Each thread tells a story of human touch, a narrative woven into the very fabric of its existence. The qualities bestowed upon this throw are not mere attributes; they are the essence of a tradition that has weathered centuries, leaving an indelible mark on the tactile and visual experience it offers.

Technique :
Hand loomed: Handloom technique is a traditional method of weaving fabric that involves the use of a manually operated loom. This age-old craft is deeply rooted in cultural heritage and artisanal skill, showcasing the meticulous artistry of skilled weavers. Handloom textiles are characterized by their unique textures, intricate patterns, and vibrant colors, reflecting the rich diversity of regional cultures. This technique not only produces exquisite textiles but also supports sustainable practices by using natural fibers. The handloom technique stands as a testament to the timeless beauty of handmade creations and the preservation of traditional weaving methods.

Usage: This genuine and opulent throw serves a multitude of purposes, making it versatile for various occasions. Whether draped as a shawl, spread across a sofa, used as a blanket, adorned as a stole, placed over a couch, laid on a bed, or presented as a thoughtful housewarming, Christmas, or New Year gift.

Note: The Actual Product may differ slightly in color from the photographs depending upon the screen resolution.


Gray Black, Solid

Hand Arts

Hand Dyed, Hand Loomed


Standard (120 X 170 Cms)


Authentic, Beach, Bohemian, Handmade, Hippie, Solid, Home Decor


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